Order Panel not visible

Dear @Dhan @PravinJ,
Let me open the option chain in tv.dhan.co.in, from the option chain I want to place a buy/sell order. while I click on buy/sell button, the order panel is displaced behind the option chain, to modify or place the order, I have to close the option chain first which is time-consuming, and for an intraday trader or scalper even 2 seconds is very important.
secondly if i have to place another order i have to open the option chain again which is very annoying
is it possible for team Dhan to make the order panel to show above the options chain so that one can place multiple order without closing the option chain
happy to share more explanation if needed on this issues
screenshot attached for your reference

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Hi @DebadattaMahakud

It’s fixed in the extension :slight_smile:

Duplicate of: Request for Optimized order window in tv.dhan.co

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Hi, @fenera4268 that’s not the only feature you are getting in the extension.

Yes, we are not forcing anyone to opt for it. Whoever needs it along with other features, then opt for it.

We are giving you the tool to make it easy for managing all your trades. :+1:

This tool doesn’t place orders by itself or does not manage orders by itself. It’s you are the one going to manage the trades. There is nothing this tool can cause loss or anything.

If the underlying DhanHQ API is not working, then the same issue will happen everywhere, whether it is on web.dhan.co or options.dhan.co.

And what I meant by “we” is my own team (independent developers outside of Dhan). Dhan team is encouraging us because we are building products on top of Dhan API + the features what we are building, till today no other broker has it

Hope I think you now understand how this extension with API works. If you still have question pls let me know