Order placement from chartink

hi i wanted to know if it will be possible to place orders from chartink through webhooks? the json data they send is in a different format and there is no way of editing it

Hi @ssuraj

Welcome to Dhan community. I just checked chartink, if you would know someone at that team - please connect us, we will try to reach them as well. Would be happy to provide deep integration via our APIs on https://dhanhq.co/

hi i did contact their support asking if they are plannig to integrate with a broker but they said currently no. so webhooks is the only option for now.
They send the json data in this format

“stocks”: “SEPOWER”,
“trigger_prices”: “3.75”,
“triggered_at”: “2:34 pm”,
“scan_name”: “Short term breakouts”,
“scan_url”: “short-term-breakouts”,
“alert_name”: “Alert for Short term breakouts”,
“webhook_url”: “http://your-web-hook-url.com

if your platform can read the stock name from here and let me decide target, stop loss and quantity from your platform it’ll be a lifesaver.

Chartink has more than 5 Million monthly visitors and most of their users want a simpler way of integrating with a broker. you can get 1000s of new customers from this move.

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@PravinJ It would be a next level thing if chartink webhooks can be implemented with dhan. I am sure your team can do a workaround for this. There are people who have algos built on the chartink alerts.

Also, If a indicator combination alert system like chartink screener can be made available by dhan on a subscription basis like streak tech, it will be a great add on!


+1, Chartink is the most active screener used by Indian Retail Traders. Will definitely bring sudden growth in dhan users with its implementation.

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hi @ssuraj we will evaluate this.

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Hi @ssuraj

If you know anyone in their team, do connect. We will evaluate, their webhooks don’t seem to have all information.