Order placement thru trading view webhook is not working

I have used webhook to place orders from my trading view premium account based on a strategy developed in pine script.
I get alerts during Buy/Sell signal but i donโ€™t see orders getting placed in my Dhan trading account.
I tried using curl command to place the order and check the response code as suggested here: About webhooks โ€” TradingView
and all i get is 500 server error.
Request you to help me resolve this issue at the earliest.


Hello @Ragha

Welcome to Dhan Community. To get an understanding of setting up webhooks, you can refer to the video here : How to Use and Setup Webhook Alerts? - TradingView Webhook Alerts | Dhan - YouTube

In this case, price alert needs to be generated through your strategy to be able to place orders on Dhan. You can always reach out to us at help@dhan.co if you face any such difficulties.

Thanks Hardik for responding.
In response to the notification email that i received, I have shared detailed steps that i have tried via curl/python code to look at the actual response from the server . Let me know if you need more details.