Order placing issue - order price mismatch in the field

Hi, there is an issue with the order widget. There are two fields for the Limit price field. Few times the price on the two fields are not sync’ed and the order goes on the one selected in the lower field. Please see the attached snapshot where the price is updated on the 1st field of the price and it is not updated in the lower price field. We don’t need two fields for price - one can be removed.
The first field is having the price as 4.75 and the second one is having 4.5.

Hi @smitnk, can you share this was for which scrip? Will have this reviewed.

MCX Options (Crude and NG). What is the use of having two price fields? It creates confusion. Can you get rid of one of them?

Noted. On web, we already have mini order window which is more popular.