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For intraday traders an order type like Robo Order offered by Angel One would be greatly appreciated on Dhan platform. It allows an initial limit order which when executed triggers in to action a stop and target exit order. If any one of the exit order gets executed the other exit order gets automatically cancelled. It also allows a trailing stop loss feature.


Hi @t7support,

Thanks for your suggestion. We have this feedback from many users and we are working on a feature on similar lines.

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Hey, this is a simple oco order… nothing like robo in this. Forever order with OCO is coming on Dhan in next few days for Option traders.

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Will the OCO get placed automatically when the entry limit order is executed. Also will there be Trailing stop loss ? It not it doesn’t match what angel one is offering.

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Excited for it!! Hope it comes with the TV Dragable buttons :yum::heart:

Hi @t7support ,

Happy to inform you that, we have released Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan app across all the segments.

To know more, read: Introducing Trader’s Best Friend: Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan

P.S.: We will be soon releasing on web.dhan.co & Options Trader app.

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