Orders Fired from API -Issues

Hi There @Hardik

Orders Fired from API won’t be Updated realtime in Mobile.
I need to refresh everytime to get an update.

Can someone from Dhan team pls look into this.

Note- My App is Upto Date& Internet connection speed is 100MBPS, No memory chugging Apps are Running on the Background, API is up to date.


Hello @Gangavarapu

This is not an issue of order placement via APIs.

In the latest build of Dhan App, as soon as you take any position from any platform - Web, charts or API, we update the Positions tab real-time. You can check this on app provided your app is upto date.

For orders page in app, we are working on refreshing it real time and the same will be fixed in the coming updates.

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Thank You for Acknowledging it.