Panel to see all integrated apps

Hi @Dhan team,

I was on and was pleasantly surprised that tickertape accepts Dhan login. I’m sure there are many such apps with which you are integrated to and not all user would be willing to sift through the entire community channel to find what all apps/options they have.

So, like you have panel like this

Can you pls create a dedicated section/panel to show all apps you are integrated with and provide either SSO login or allow users to give 1 time authorization to apps to access Dhan data as well as revoke access if user wants that?


Hi @erankitjain ,

Thanks for the feedback, we will surely explore on the possibility of bringing this.

Hi @erankitjain, while many apps now have integrated with Dhan, here is a list of all the partners that we have featured here:

Dhan has SSO on all its platforms - Web, TradingView and Options Trader on Web when signed on via Dhan web.

Hi @PravinJ, this list again seems to be not updated one. I found Dhan as an accepted broker on and it is yet again not listed on the page shared. Can you pls get this list updated or if that’s not the purpose of the list shared then can you pls share the list of all sites where Dhan is accepted.

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Really important feature. Much needed. Would be helpful if we can get access of the third-party apps directly from Dhan platform like it is there on Zerodha.

Thank you.

Hi @erankitjain @aritra - We will try to collate as much as possible, however we will listed limited ones only on dhanhq. We know our APIs are used now by over 50+ regular apps, and ~ 500 developer tools for trading. Not possible for us to keep a track on all.

Ones we co-develop with us for certain use-cases, we list them. Will figure out a way to make discovery of these better.

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