Paper trading feature is a major miss under dhan option trader web portal

Hello All,

I would like to say one feature under options trader web portal is a major miss and that is paper trading where person can deployed and save the multiple options strategy to track them with the live market if this feature can be added by the dhan than this platform is unstoppable for the options trader.

As of now at a time i can deploy only one strategy and also i could not able to save it for my future reference.

Can anyone from dhan take this feedback and consider this for the future releases.

Waiting for your response.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.


Hi @mayuri1711

Thanks for using Options Trader and sharing feedback.

Paper Trading for OT - Feedback noted.

Saving Strategy - We have Strategy Snaps on similar lines. You can capture the state of your existing strategy you are working or create new and load it back in a session.

Though, we understand your point and feedback taken.

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@naman What is strategy snaps and from where should i access the same. from the options trader web portal.?