Performance of Commodities: April - May 2023

Analyzing the performance of commodities from April 16th to May 16th yields fascinating insights. Among the various commodities, Lithium emerged as the star performer, demonstrating an impressive growth rate of 21.3%. Following closely behind was another noteworthy contender, which achieved a commendable 6.7% increase. Taking the third spot was uranium, showcasing a respectable growth rate of 4.7%.

However, not all commodities enjoyed positive fortunes during this period. Molybdenum, unfortunately, experienced a significant underperformance, with a decline of -29.8%. Similarly, titanium faced a challenging period, witnessing a notable decrease of -20.5%.

These statistics underline the dynamic nature of commodity markets and emphasize the importance of carefully monitoring and analyzing their performance.

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Where’s the real currency, Gold? :sweat_smile:

We have planned something different and interesting for that :smiley:

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Bullion ek alag se class mey hi hey :sweat_smile:

As a trend following trader mostly I love sustained movement in any direction. Up or Down is fine.

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