Pine Script Feature in Dhan Tradingview Layout

Without Pine Script feature in, Dhan platform becomes paralyzed. Therefore, I urge the respected stake holders to include this wonderful feature at the earliest.

Hi @pbghosh67 Welcome to Dhan community.

Pinescript from TradingView is a paid feature not extended to the hosted library that Dhan uses. Its unlikely that it will get extended to this.

If you continue to use Pinescript, suggest using free Webhooks that Dhan provides for execution. With that, you will be able to trade directly from TradingView with your existing setup.

You are indirectly asking us to pay TradingView to become Pro, Pro+ users so that we can use the Webhook feature.

As @PravinJ noted, pine scripting is a feature exclusive to native tradingview. Unless tradingview makes it available in third party hosted library version no Stock broker can do anything about this. If you want that feature you will have to write to tradingview here. If you get sufficient community user support, a chance exist. But it is highly unlikely that they will give away that great feature to third parties.

There are only two ways to automate TV strategies

  1. Using webhooks provided by TV which is paid as per TV management discretion. Pro plan is the lowest paid plan to enable this. Massive discount offers run on tradingview on special days. U can make use of that.

  2. Use chrome extensions that process TV alerts. Depending on the developer u may get this free or at a cost.