Placing SL directly on Tradingview chart is failed due to trigger Price & Limit price are same

When we place SL on Tradingview chart , it is failed due to value of trigger price and limit price are same by default, Kindly rectify it asap.


Yes, Other brokers either allow the same price trigger or keep 1 tick offset in prefilled price.

Either way it should be fixed, and should require minimum manual intervention while placing SL.


Hi @ozerio @RajeshK

We have this feedback noted. We’ll surely explore the possibilities to add difference in trigger & limit price. Thankyou.


very much in need… notify us whenever u guys rectify it…

Is it very difficult to implement?
because I am checking the same with another platforms which also order from charts using TV.
They have already a .5 different into both prices.

I hope you guys also, look into it

Hi @onkar,

We have already reported the difference of Trigger and Limit price to TradingView.

Just for your information, we are on the latest library of TradingView.

Is this is justification for not having this little feature, you are on latets verison of TV library?

Worldwide same trigger price is allowed , even in india some brokers allow it.