Platform upgrade list

First of all greetings for building “The best product” in the industry as far as i know. Especially from Traders perspective.

Expecting this to upgrade in web platform.

  1. Allow user to adjust the size of market watch and chart. Depending on monitor its not convenient.
  2. In Chart IQ library, Let user allow to change the colours of bars and background and save the settings time to time.

Everything else is absolutely super fine!

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Thanks for the note @Redd

On #1, yes noted - we want to revamp that bit and make it adjustable. There are some restrictions in the TradingView library if you are referring to same.

For #2, noted. I guess this will need update of the ChartIQ library. Will look in this, if a new one is available.

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Also Please allow user to set the bar colours and background themes. Right now in chart IQ, It’s default. Can’t change the themes

Hi @Redd

We have the option for this in Dhan mobile app, you have a choice of colors to choose from as themes. Same has been extended to Options Trader app as well. For web, we have Dark Mode.

Thank you.

Dark mode is cool. But the real issue is charts. Traders spend more time on chart. And I’m unable to make to black and change colours of the bars. And also mentioned in other thread, FONTS ARE TINY TOO.

Really needed. Allmost other brokers have it. Except yours. But still everything is fine.

Hi @Redd

ChartIQ library has been updated. Request you to please check the same.