Please add Delete Button on the Right Side of Scrip in Watchlist

Hi Dhan Team

In order to delete a scrip added in the watchlist

we all need to open the three dots and then delete the scrip

This is time consuming thing while we are trading in Options, we can’t clear it with in seconds like we do in other Platforms ( i don’t want to mention their names)

instead we have a delete button on the right side of scrip this it would be much easier to maintain the watchlist clear when we see any sudden changes in market.

Really it is a great Time Saver if you add this feature & can we expect the time that delete button on the right side of the script.


Yes delete button by the side of the scrip is better rather than under the three dots.

@Dhan_Help pls add.


+1. Fully agree. There are many UI improvements that can be done apart from this one.

For e.g., have a look at the screenshot placed below:

This appears when we start typing a scrip name on But there is no option to add the scrip we are searching except when searching it through watchlist. This is slightly tedious process. Why not add a button to add to the watchlist from search window itself or from the stock page.

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Replace TV shortcut with delete.

No. TV button is very useful. Instead, delete can be added as a separate button.

Hi, @TheRadhaKrishna @t7support @sharu_john

We have noticed users delete the scrips very rarely, since we have kept the delete option in more section.

@Shally We already have an option for adding stock to the watchlist in the search bar.

@Divyesh may be u are thinking for Investors

but for Traders it’s not

Traders always use Delete button for their Stocks, options and Futures scrip to adjust their positions and Scalping

If u feel your decision was Right Please make a Poll in Dhan Twitter

or please give us chance to change the order of buttons so we can change to our Priority

Thanks in Advance


What I meant to say was that “Delete” button can be added to the existing set of buttons not the add button! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@Divyesh is it Dhan team final decision…?

We will evaluate this, on smaller screens - it becomes a bit difficult to achieve - almost all actions on Watchlist are very actively used.

Thank You @PravinJ for reply as a developer i can understand that

if it makes a bit difficult just give the chance to change the order of buttons

so traders can change to their Priority

@Dhan Team is giving more than expected to Everyone but some basic requirements are important for Traders to adjust quicky, Hope you understood my perception

Thanks in Advance

@PravinJ @Divyesh @Dhan @Dhan_Help

Still how many days it requires to change place of a delete button in watchlist, I clearly explained the reasons

its a very much important thing for Traders

just take 2 minutes to understand this requirement

I am expecting a Reply from you, Thanks a Lot, God bless all of us :pray:

Hi @TheRadhaKrishna ,

We are evaluating it, as PJ mentioned on the watchlist almost all actions are very actively used so placing the delete button without hampering the UI experience.

Be rest assured, we will let you know once we plan on bringing it.


Thanks a Lot for the Dhan Team decision💐

Hi @TheRadhaKrishna @Shally @t7support

Delete option is now upfront on the expanded full watchlist section on Dhan web, also it does not require additional confirmation message. It’s instant delete now.

In case you do not see it by default, request you to do a browser hard refresh.

thank you


That’s the Main issue that i am explaining from Day 1, Traders needs to adjust their Positions immediately But Still the issue was not solved @PravinJ bcos we need to clck on More button & we need to delete so stll it was a time killer In other Platforms it will takes 2-3 seconds to delete the scrips but in dhan it is taking minutes hope you understood the situation

Hope Delete will also be placed like **B, S, TV, CHARTS, DEPTH buttons

It’s an instant delete now without Confirmation it’s really good.

Thanks @PravinJ. This update is cool and better than the previous version.

Thank you, trying our best to improve the experience. We will ship few more things on web, small changes - by end of this year. Let’s see how many you spot :innocent:


Hi @PravinJ Sir as a technical Person i can say that adding Delete button in watchlist is a small feature, what’s stopping Dhan Technical team to do this…?

just think about this issue for 2 Min hope u will understand the importance anyway Thanks for Making Dhan the Best Broker in INDIA

Its already live for a while now @TheRadhaKrishna - tab on the Watchlist in header or tap on Play icon on side watchlist. On the full screen view, you have option to Delete upfront. Hope this helps.