Please add fii and dii trading activity

hey there,

It would be beneficial to include trading and fii activities on your website platform because, as an option trader, it is critical to evaluate and assess fii activity. I must visit other websites, such as Sensibull or MoneyControl. If you incorporate these capabilities onto your platform, the option trader community will find it simpler.

what data we require

fii cash market
fii cash market
fii Future index
fii index options
fii stock futures
fii stock options , etc

with a stunning graph that allows traders to assess how much they are selling or buying day wise.

many thanks

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It would great if we can get it alongwith Delivery Data

Delivery Data is getting shipped to Dhan apps soon., few users may already have it.

Hi @jaswantTrader Will explore this. This data is readily available on many news sites + Dhan sends a notification of this via the News Service.

@PravinJ Sir as Dhan is a package now for Traders and investor and Data representation on Dhan web is so good, Stocks Delivery volume is there in app and it will be on Web soon. It would be great to have FII and DII data there in Dhan so a larger picture and sentiments can be assessed.