Please add some extra information in Option Chain List both on web and mobile app

Dear DHAN,
I request you to please add some extra information in the Option Chain list such as Strike Price wise PCR and status of Long Buildup or Short Buildup or Long Unwinding or Short Covering etc.
It would be a complete view for Option Traders to analyze the current sentiment about the index.
Waiting for your update.
Thanks & Regards

Hello @sgDhanTraders1070

Yes, these things are on our roadmap and we will try to bring this up with our next Options Chain Revamp. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Hello Hardik,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I have another another point which is in the Option Trader Mobile app => Ideas = > Analyse => Open Interest section. You can see that the list is not been auto refreshed !
I have to change the expiry date to see the updated strike price wise PCR. Please fix the issue if possible.