Please add This features in Alert section

Hi team Dhan
First, of all, I am not comparing Dhan with another broker
I am requesting some basic features in the alert section like

  1. Name of the alert (it’s very useful because we analyze many stocks the name gives a hint about the analysis for example

    What usually i did was when i shortlist stock based on price action and put in my watchlist i set alert on the system with the name that why i shortlisted

  2. Aler condition like the price is greater than or lower than or equal
    These 2 are a basic but very useful features for a super trader
    I hope the team will look into that and make changes in the next update

For reference i am adding other platform alert screenshot

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Noted this @Rohitsingh. We have received feedback from users on Price Alerts, we are working on restructuring the same and building it from trader’s perspective. Once that is done - we will add more capabilities and functions to Alerts on Dhan.

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Thank you so much :star_struck: waiting for that

One more features of you can add in alert section it will be very useful. This features is present in sensibull.
PnL based price alert. Suppose I have implemented one strategy of multileg, where I want is my overall call legs profit more than 1000 then it will notify me.

Please add PnL based alert also.

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Hi @nimankumar ,

We have noted your P&L based alert suggestion. It does seem like a valuable feature for the users.

Is alert system updated or not

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any update about pnl based alert?

Currently, the priority area is on developing features and products in our immediate pipeline. We will let you know once we add more capabilities & functions to Alerts on Dhan

Can you add a feature to create a custom tone for the alert in mobile, because it will help us to differentiate from the countless notification a user receives on phone on day to day basis


Hi @Vignesh_N ,

We have noted your feedback on the custom sound in price alerts.