Please fix this flaw in traders diary

i want request a change in traders dairy that instead of showing date in front of every trade taken which serves no purpose as users already click the date before opening trade history they dont need to be remined multiple times what date it is instead please show transaction time it will be more useful also its very frustrating that users have to click multiple times to know the time at which trade was executed while reviewing.thanks


Hey @ravindertiwana ,

Thanks for your suggestion. We have released Traders Diary only for select users only as of now and are working towards perfecting it. Allow us some time to evaluate your request.

Product @ Dhan

why u guys ask for feedback if you have no intention to implement the feedback???you guys created a tool for reviewing and didnt add the most important element of reviewing ie transaction time :thinking: now that this feature is released please add a column for transaction will save a lot of time thanks.