Please have a Zerodha’s console like thing on dhan

I have shifted from Zerodha to dhan and what I miss is that dhan should have sound and floating pop up notification for price alerts so that we get to know when a stock reached out target price in real time, and please build a console like thing where we can see our days or months in red and green overall!


Hi @Hemakshu Welcome to Dhan and our community. There is a revamp of Price Alerts on our list to do, we will be introducing a newer version of Price Alerts and post that will include the sound and floating notifications for both - app and web.

We have also planned on few more things to make reports and statements better over time. For your specific request, we have Trader’s Diary on Dhan, build on feedback based on our interactions with traders. More on that here: Introducing: Trader's Diary on Dhan

And also detail on how it works: Everything You Need to Know About Trader’s Diary

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Hi @PravinJ Sir, Trade dairy is good. Only small modification is required. If we go to a particular day P&L, if can show the both leg (Buy and Sell with Quantity).

2nd Networth or Account Curve if that can be shown in graph if the accounting is growing or drawdown etc. It will complete the Trade Dairy.

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Thanks @nx.vijay we will keep improving this with time. For any day, Traders Diary shows the realised P&L for that day or selected period.

I agree with @nx.vijay and I also had requested for it. Account curve is very much required by traders to analyse there performance.

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