Please help with my query

At what time are these SIP orders executed? Is it possible to specify a time according to my preference?


Also can I pledge this ETF to trade in Equity and F&O? If yes, then how much % will I get after haircut?

Regarding pledge , I hold it too. Can be pledged :+1:

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Thanks for the info. Can you also tell the haircut %?

Hi @Akhil153045

You can see hair-cut on every scrip in real-time as well.

Also, please refer to this sheet for the most recent haircut percentage. here

Actually I don’t hold any NiftyBees yet so that’s why I was asking. Thanks for the excel sheet.

@Divyesh Please reply to this also

Also to take trades in Equity intraday and F&O do I need to have separate cash in my trading account or the pledge benefit is enough?


The SIP is started at 10 a.m. on the day and date you specify.

If you place a SIP order with a start date/day that is the same day, it will be executed the same day if placed before 10AM, otherwise it will be executed on the next selected day / date.

If your SIP date falls on a holiday, your SIP will be executed on the next working day.

You can use collateral funds for both.

Also read more on this here:- Colleterial securities accepted by dhan - Feature Requests :raised_hand: - Dhan Community