Plugin for Amibroker

Since you provide free APi, can you please privode plugin for Amibroker as well?

Hi @Momo_Trader

Noted the feedback, APIs is our product and hence we decided to give it for free or minimal pricing. Plugins & bridges usually have development partners or platforms build on subscription charges or one time fees.

We are happy to evaluate bring them, but then it will have a fee / charge just like other platforms, we can keep it as minimal as possible.

On that note, what are core features of Amibroker that you enjoy, let us know.

Please check qunttower advance trading platform for trading they also provide white labelling for brokers @PravinJ

Qunttower’s advanced trading platform is a compelling platform.

This I also requested, but Dhan team is not showing any interest with quanttower, So i’m using IIFl for my trading now.

can we use MTF (multi-time frame) indicator with them?

I have not tried, you should check with quattower team.

any plans for incuding Qunttower’s advanced trading platform to Dhan so traders like me who love trading via the desktop app also can have 1 more reason to join Dhan.

Honestly no plans at the moment. Just checked their website, not sure if any have integrations APIs available or connect via existing bridges.

@PravinJ You should plan this ASAP, because they launching the integration with 5paise and Fyers. If your team is interest on this, please let us know so that I can inform quantower manger to reach you.
I like the Dhan trading platform to trade, but some advanced features are needed for trading, I don’t want to use IIFL but I don’t have any choice.

Let know which features on these platforms you enjoy as much, will evaluate and build them possibly on Dhan itself.

We rarely will ever do something simply because someone in competition is doing it. Don’t want to be driven by FOMO in such decisions. Building a broking product & platform isn’t easy - every additional platform brings additional maintenance & resources, and we will have to support it even if it has a 1 user or 1 Lac users. I hope you understand :slight_smile:

But we will take your suggestion and speak with them, if possible connect them with us on and we will evaluate integration.

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I hope you know most of the experience trades prefer desktop terminal to trade instead of web,
Few features which I like quatower platform which we will not get any Indian brokers platform.
Orderflow, price statistic, power trades, DOM surface, TPO profile chart, volume profile on multiple timeframe, algo trading I can write my own script by using indicator backtest, then it can be executed on live, mouse trading, Time and sales with alert, delta, cumulative delta, L2 indicator, trend indicators, chart overlay etc…
Finally, I can customize my trading system, how I want so this the reason recommended for this platform.

These are just a few advantages of a desktop platform
1} open multiple charts { with resize option, very important for someone like me trading 4-5 instruments intraday}
2} can have multiple snap quotes windows { dom -very important for someone like me trading 4-5 instruments intraday}
3} can make his own scanner
4} can code his indicator or strategy { or buy from someone}
5} can backtest a strategy easily.

It seems like Amibroker integration is coming

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any timeline until you guys will fully integrate with Quantower, so I can move my funds to Dhan. :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

still waiting for reply on this…

9 months and this item is still open… Usless …

Hello @Momo_Trader

Quantower team is integrating with our APIs, so you should be able to use their platform soon and connect to Dhan. In case you are referring to Amibroker, any platform can integrate with our open APIs; we already have 50+ partner platforms live on top of our APIs.

Quick Note: We have addressed this already on some other thread. Also, we keep threads on our community open and don’t mark them as closed so that people can add on their views/inputs.