PNL Report issue & Features to be added

Dhan is too focused on adding long list of features to become a good package for new customers. But, the existing setup is giving errors and bugs with lack of basic features. P&L reports on web is such a basic feature.


No PNL report is just basic things but don’t know why dhan is not giving due attention to this.

Same issue i raised multiple times.

I lost most time for calculating my P&L manually because in my PL statement showing repeatedly some errors and after mail @Dhan_Help they resolved and Repeat this process maximum time. Waste most of time and fear doubt for wrong statement every time and forced me to use calculator every time.Thats why i think abou other ootions and i will back when P&L statement up to date and trustful :pray: @PravinJ

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Unbelievable and pathetic that such a basic feature isn’t being worked by the team for so long and so many users have been asking for it. I have been raising this issue for nearly 6 months and all i hear is they will update. Rather than adding new features, can a simple PNL statement not be generated.
Every time we call the support team and work the details with backoffice, they are clueless. I really wonder how the team is not capable of putting together a proper PNL (realized with closed and unrealized with open positions ) - is it really this hard?

Hi Everyone

We are actively working on P&L statements and reports. Some of the changes and updates have gone live already and many are work in progress. We are also building things that will make P&L easy - like few of users are already using Trader’s Diary + integrating with online filing for taxes.

Please note that P&L statements are not a simple or easy thing to build or roll-out, if it were easy we wouldn’t be discussing this. P&L reports work 99% of times, but there are 100s of exceptions that happen - settlement delays, holdings, charges, short-term, long-term, short deliveries, refunds, dividends, bonus, split, corporate actions and many more of such things that results changes in P&L even for the one that is generated a day before.

We continue to make Dhan better everyday. Also we have multiple teams at Dhan. Suggesting that we should not launch features and address one issue isn’t a very helpful suggestion honestly. Our teams that are supposed to solve for this, are already on this.

Additionally, many of the discussions we have with users, we also get to know that they just want different view of data and that’s all. There was nothing wrong with the P&L, for which we started giving data in raw files.

Help us understand specific issues that you have encountered or are seeing, and share them on and we will address them. We have done it all the time, and there is no reason why we won’t if it is shared with us.


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Thank you Pravin for your response. Let me further clarify my position which many others have been asking / venting as i have learnt from other fellow traders.

  1. PNL is a basic feature of any trading platform. Any given point of time, what is the fund / position / profit or loss is what every trader wants to know. This is akin to setting up a Bank online portal but there is no way to exactly know what is the current balance available in the account. Will you be comfortable with such platform?
    The collective position - intraday or weekly or monthly etc …can the closed position which includes all the charges and deductions) and the open position (unrealized based on the premium differential) be atleast shown. Atleast by the end of the day post market hours when positions premiums have been settled for the day ?
    What is the point of trading when we have to spend hours manually downloading different reports and then entering the positions and calculating the PNL?

  2. If you say calculating PNL is complicated, then I strongly suggest you look around and see other platforms and try to mimic or do strategic hiring. Either way, being a finance platform, it sounds ridiculous when you say calculating PNL is complicated.

  3. Your predicament of juggling new features or fixing bugs - is an age old dilemma for any company and you need to find that balance and priority.
    I will send you the PNL report your team generated that has positions closed nearly 2 months back with no proper quantity or price … I had to go through each entries manually and correct them in xls and calculate. In this time and age, I am sure you don’t want your user to do this !!

You might choose to brush off these as one off issues, but they aren’t. Every time, i take a snapshot - i have a different number. Imagine the frustration if you have to open your Bank account and see different amount and not be sure what your fund position is !!

At the end, please understand that “Trust” is the fundamental of any Finance platform. We need to trust the numbers that is shown and it has to have the due credibility. Other have already reported issues that i don’t want to repeat here. When we trade, if we can’t know what is the PNL for the week or month or where we stand with our funds - it isn’t easy for us to decide on trade positions and capital management. Like the example quoted for Bank earlier - the 1st thing that we want to see, is where we stand with our money? What is the current PNL? . This is called as MVO in product mgmt term (not a bug fix ). Even in your competitive positioning, this will come up as a sore point which I am sure you want to overcome.

I understand you are a new team and building this platform as we continue to use, which is why I have been patiently following it up for so many months with the trust that it will get better. Since you are providing so many industry 1st features and keep promising more enriched experience for investor and trading community - all I ask is your team to consider this problem seriously because contrary to what you have suggested, the problem still exist.


All points duly noted @Sunitha. Our team @Dhan_Help will connect with you and understand the issues you mentioned. We are already resolving these on priority.

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@Sunitha Thank you for putting a perfect response. Your reply include everything I want to say here. You just explained the situation and the problem in a perfect manner. :ok_hand:

Adding to that -
I literally shifted most of my delivery positions due to half baked Forever Order & then I thought I should keep doing intraday atleast. But then I started encountering delayed data update in positions, orders, charts & overall P&L during intraday. If you need updated numbers then don’t navigate away from the window…lol… that’s strange. Yet, when you try to exit from a position, it says order sent but position stays open, then you try it again out of panic & it executes both orders and now you are in a position again. This is funny & sad for a broker at the same time :rofl: :woozy_face:

I am not putting this in front of Dhan team because they always come up with excuses such as
“There must be internet issue at your end”
“Clear browser cache”
“Everything is fine at our end”
“Other users are not facing this” etc etc…
I literally traded from my zerodha and dhan account side by side. There is no data feed delay, order execution delay or any kind of delay on zerodha. But, due to order execution delay I had to pay extra brokerage number of times and now I am shifting my intraday trading as well.

Dhan will not accept that there are number of issues in basic trading, executions, charting & PL reports because putting resources on fixes will delay new features & will decrease new customer capturing. I will come back & test dhan again in 6 months or so by adding small amount & doing tiny trades. If issues are resolved then fine, otherwise no point of wasting time here.

Some users might bash me for raising these concerns as they might be having a different experience due to their trading style or segment. But, its my money and I am not facing these issues with other broker, I will be fool if I stick here and waste my own resources just because others are having a different experience.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Hi Pravin, my issue is regarding the PnL reports for cash segment. When we download PnL report at the end of the year, we get the reports in which the intraday/speculative profit or loss is given separately and then Short term/Long term is given separately. It is all great till here, but when it comes to charges like brokerage, STT etc these are given combined for intraday/speculative and Short term/Long term and then we have to go through contract notes manually for the entire year if we want to know the charges incurred in speculative and Short term/Long term respectively.
So the issue is if you guys can give Profit/Loss separately for intraday and Short term/Longterm then why can’t you guys provide charges too separately?
Kindly consider this request.

I will have to check on this, so will review. On delivery Dhan does not charge anything for brokerage. For fews users, Dhan has rolled out Trader’s Diary which has in built P&L for every day / month and also realised and net realised P&L.

Also for this thread: we have pushed lots of changes on make P&L better over last few days and handle a lot of the edge cases. At this moment, your P&L is ready the next day by 9:15 AM. We will try to make this earlier, and continue to verify any reported issued.

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Emudhra ipo alloted for me & I sold it later but it is not showing in my pnl statement sir kindly please concentrate on PNL STATEMENT there are lots of errors I know you people are doing amazing job but please concentrate on basics

Hi @RUPI, Welcome to Dhan community, Sure, can you send our team your details on and someone from @Dhan_Help will reach out and check this.

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Thanks for the reply pravin, will have a look at traders dairy. For short term/long term investments brokerage is zero but for intraday transactions when we need to claim the charges apart from brokerage etc for expenses then we have no option but manually go through all the intraday contract notes, note down all the charges incurred.

@PravinJ @Kiran This is good to see you people are doing excellent job to introduce new features. I like the multi time frame like quarterly, yearly charts introduction but still not happy with the basic feature PNL report .

It is still not improved and gives wrong profit data… Bonus shares and ipo alloted share calculations are not adjusted… Also,what is our net PNL and what is total charges n taxes , is not clear??

It’s very basic feature, you should see zerodha or other broking house pnl report… Very easy to understand and correct data they are providing… So why can’t you provide??

I am asking this since a long time still not improved.


Hi @Vishwajeet,

Request you to please forward the same to us at ( and a copy to ( with the errors you have observed. We will have them resolved.

Hi @8av94l,

Thanks for using Dhan!
We have fixed all the P&L-related issues. Please let us know where exactly you are facing an issue we are here to assist you. Also, We are revamping the overall P&L in-app and web view which will uplift the experience.


@PravinJ @Kiran Good morning , Still corporate actions profit is still not reflected in P&L report… I have hot bonus share and Ipo alloted share profit is not included in statement, without that how are you saying that you have fixed all PNL issues… And I am saying same thing since six months… But no action till now… Even now, I have no answer to show my till date profit earned through dhan… That is very basic things but your team is not giving attention and also in your PNL report, I can’t understand that whether all charges and taxes is included or excluded… Or if exluded then what exact amount it is??

There should be clear cut answer regarding PNL report like this is your overall profit and this is taxes and charges and after deducting all charges this is your Net profit till date.

But from six months , I am not getting these figures.

Hi @Vishwajeet,

Good Morning!

The impact of shares allotted on account of Corporate Actions (Bonus/Splits/Demerger etc), IPO, and Off-Market transfers to and from your Demat account is not considered in the calculation of the P&L report currently. We understand why this can be important and consider adding this in later versions of P&L but as of now, this seems to be working perfectly for most of our users.