Poor Performance of dhan terminal

Even with high speed connectivity the terminal gets hanged amidst placing and exiting order.
As raised previously as well while place trade/ in trade/ exiting trade if application lags terribly it leads to monetory losses of traders without their fault.

Kindly improve the performance of application on all platfrom. Yesterday all three platform got hanged in morning and it wasn’t an expiry day.


Hi @dwivedinalin,

This seems to be a specific connectivity case, we recommend you always reach out to our support team via Call or Chat for real-time assistance and to understand the scenario.


@dwivedinalin is right. There was a significant lag in the morning.

How can it be a connectivity issue for everyone at the same time?

Can you explain the logic?

Why Dhan always blames the internet connection for problems on their end?

Cmmooooooonnn! Start accepting that there are some flaws. We are not fools or new that we don’t understand the internet technology.

@t7support see brother, these customer support executives always blame our internet connections for the problems on their end.

My internet is 1gbps cmmon! Lmao.

Do one thing @Sameet

Lemme give a practical solution so that you stop replying like a robot always.

Take a few days off your work from Dhan office and try trading from home with your own laptop.

Take some positions and trade them quick. Record your screen. See for yourself how your mind will go mad and you won’t be in a position to call or chat with customer service when u see your trade going against you and you can’t manage it.

It’s very easy to respond like a robot “This seems to be a specific connectivity case”

Cmmon guys! It’s high time now. Else your platform will be just remain a platform for analyzing data by users.

@PravinJ lemme give you a reality check. Upstox already has a TV library but it’s not yet as feature rich as yours! They have it functioning way faster tough!

Zerodha is coming with their TV library this month. They claim to have unique set of features for it.

How do you plan to take on these 2 giants?

If you really want this to happen, it’s high time now that you buckle up the performance of your platform.

All I want is Best for Dhan because in the end, it’s gonna benefit us traders the most.

I agree. I operate on leased lines with redundancy and auto switch over. Several times customer care pinned the bug on internet when I raised it. But as @PravinJ noted they are working on better ways to communicate with us.

There was an issue yesterday at Dhan. I had issue updating baskets, a user I know had login issue, some users were not seeing data in positions tab etc.

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Yes, this is for y’day, for the same time we have other thread.

Hi @8y4ssbl4al I have explained in other thread, will do it here as well. Our systems are built in a way that we would rarely have situation where all users would get affected. When any issue is reported, our teams (customer support, community members, me included) check that before we respond.

Yes, I am aware that other broking platforms, and the larger ones are now following our footsteps.

As you rightly mentioned all this competition benefits users / traders and will keep us on our toes to ensure we ship the best of the experience and stay ahead. As I write this, our teams are already in final stages of testing and shipping another major update on TradingView & ChartIQ charts. It has new features, capabilities and also bit faster.