Position Screen Improvements in mobile application

please add below features in positions screen, It’s more useful to track open positions.

  1. sold the delivery shares, currently it is showing under the ‘Open position’. Instead of that, please show in the ‘Closed Position’. So it’s clear to track only open positions P&L.

  2. Whatever Open positions in Equity market, after 03:30 PM please move to separate category. So it’s useful to track only Commodity Open position. (This option is very user friendly and useful, whoever trade in Commodity exchange).

  3. If possible give some sort & filter option in same page like only Buy, sell orders and Equity, Commodity and Option, Futures.

  4. Segment wise open positions also like (Equity, Future, Options, Currency, Commodity)

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atleast they need to give us , better sorting option as soon as possible…
1) sorting by name,
2) sorting by highest profit or loss ,
3) sorting by highest or lowest qty
4)sorting by call or put,

1,2,3 are the most need plz provide that in both the Mobile applications of Dhan.

even in Tv.dhan… positions tab is the main laggard & too slow to show the correct P&L manytimes… specially if u are using multiple layouts in multiple tabs… even in single tab also it fetches P&L details in position tab too slow…

here i am not talking about individual positions which shows on chart… it works f9 ! but positios tab & Total P&L count on tv.dhan is really laggard & too slow to count or show realtime P&L @Naman @RahulDeshpande