Post Order webhooks

I wanted to know if there is an option to create subscribe webhooks on Dhan platform.
I actually want to receive the status of the order once the order is placed.
I don’t want to make repeated calls to dhan order status api, instead I want Dhan to send me the order updates.
We can do this by subscribing to webhook on Dhan which will send an update with relevant order info to my webhook url, When order is processed, cancelled, executed, rejected etc)
This is important for me as I want to place trigger orders which gets placed at my trigger level specified.
Now once this order is placed, this order will be executed at some time when my level is reached, so when it’s executed if Dhan sends me an update to my webhook, I can also place my next orders like stoploss or target orders.
Please let me know if this is possible

Hi @sumit, Welcome to Dhan community.

Well interesting use-case, but not available at this moment. What you are trying to achieve, most traders will do with a price alert once that price is reached and then trigger an order placement based on that price alert trigger or fetch order status post that event and later place orders.