Power of attorney

How to provide power of attorney to Dhan so that I do not have to do tpin verification everytime when I like to sell stocks and/or GTT sell orders executes without manual intervention.


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Regards, Sahil

@PravinJ always says it’s not recommended way and soon SEBI will revoke this feature.
But as a investor we need PoA for GTT order.- You can revoke it if SEBI is removed.

I know you guys working hard and try to bring best product in the market, But so far i know you guys are in right track.

If you introduce this feature on sell side and see how many users are going to use this feature.

It’s helps to didn’t miss the opportunity also still i am holding another broker account with other broker because of this.



WHEN WILL YOU START DDPI which is a replacement to power of attorney. It will be better so that for sell side also GTT will work along with bracket option as you are connected to trading view directly.

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Hi @darshanb,

We already have this request from many users, the same is under review.


For this feature to be launched as GTT Sell . Many swing traders aren’t able to use dhan platform.


Noted this, we are evaluating this.