Preferences don't get saved on TV


If we clear the browser cache, the preferences like, Watchlist tab size, Order history and details panel size, drawing tools thickness, color etc get deleted too and have to reset them everytime. This wasn’t the case when I was using other broker fy**s offering tradingview charts too.

I generally keep the browser clean so that the chart performance and everything keeps up well but it deletes all my preferences.

Can the basic preferences be saved forever?

Also all the time, the symbol and interval options are selected by default no matter how many times I unselect them.
If I have a 6-chart layout it always reverts back to some random symbol instead of the symbols I assigned for each chart. It’s frustrating.
Also customer service has no clue and everything is always working awesome on their end and it is my fault that my charts are like that.


I have the same problem

it seems problem is with 6 charts layout, upto 4 charts its working fine.

For saving preferences for drawing tools use templets its easy to work with, this feature is not available in fyers.

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