Price at Dhan is inconsistent with other platforms

Hey Team,
I’ve often noticed that price at Dhan is slightly deviated from TV but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.
However today the difference isn’t slight and it surprises me that it is only Dhan where the deviation can be seen.
I’d love to get an explanation on why this seems to be happening and how it could impact limit orders that we place at Dhan.
Attaching charts from various brokers and Trading View as well.

Hi @Vishk519,

As we have explained in our post about charts, exchange processes millions of transactions each day but as an industry standard, only a snapshot of such transactions/ticks is sent by the exchanges to the data feeds or market tick by tick data, which results in the end user seeing the price of the stock / instrument as an LTP.

This just impacts the chart formation and not the actual order execution. The order execution happens at exchanges based on price-time priority and as mentioned in our post, it is possible that order gets executed at price that is not seen on charts. Again, this is the same across industry.

Finally, here is the intra-day chart for the same scrip on NSE for today, where the high captured in first 5 minutes is different.

You can also see that the day High mentioned on top is not captured on the intra-day chart. This is because the logic for charts at NSE is also the same - it shows snapshot of transactions and not each transaction.

Hope this clarifies.

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Hey @JayK ,

Thank you for the clarification. If the order execution is not impacted by this then I suppose there is nothing to worry about.

Anyway, appreciate the quick response by the team.