Primary bank account change procedure

There should be a feature to change the Primary bank account in dhan. I am not finding it in both dhan web or app.


Hi @ashu8115, first of all, welcome to Dhan community!

Currently, we do not have an online process to change the primary bank account on Dhan.

However, we support payin and payout from secondary banks and you can add upto four additional secondary banks in your Dhan account.

We hope this helps you.

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@Anirudha Thanks for the information provided above. Please let me know if any offline process is in place .I need to change the primary account.

Hi @ashu8115,

Offline process includes downloading and filling the “Account Modification Form” and then sending it to our registered address via courier.

We do this on special requests only. Kindly email us at to receive the form.

I apologize I couldn’t be of more help here. :frowning:

@Anirudha Anytime soon this procedure will be live to modify the primary bank account

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Hi @ashu8115,

While we understand the importance, not many of our existing users have requested for this - the usual process is to add a secondary bank. This is still on our roadmap though.

Since you are one of our early users, I want to make sure I make this possible for you via the offline route. Kindly get in touch with me directly at and I’ll be happy to assist you!

I have just changed my primary bank account online at Zerodha (in 5 mins only).

My earlier Bank (primary account) has decided to sell their India business to other Bank and I do not wish to continue with this Bank.

I want to therefore change my primary bank account at Dhan online. Kindly enable this asap.

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Zerodha is best for feature and smooth experience

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Hi @AmitN

Welcome to Dhan community. We are just 9 months into our journey and have built more than some of our competition has built in the last 10 years.

I understand there are some gaps, and we do help users and assist them in same offline to ensure all requests of users are addressed. Change of primary bank account is on our roadmap, and we are committed to building the best possible user experience for our users.

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Eagerly waiting for this feature as i am also in queue to change my primary bank info.
Use case: I want all my dividends in primary account but pay in from secondary account.

Also in todays scenarios any offline process is human resource/cost intensive and definitely hassle and inconvenience for the user.

I am really delighted with experience at Dhan & transferred all my holding from Zerodha.

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@Anirudha @PravinJ Can’t this be done through Mail request, I can fill the form and share it through email , will that be okay

Yes we do have an offline primary bank modification process. Please get in touch with us at