Question regarding short sell


Do Dhan charges money for “Dhan will automatically exit (or square off) the position by the system?


Equity short sell is intraday only? For equity long buy delivery, is settlement time period is T+2?


Commodity (crudeoil or crudeoilm) “futures short sell” is both intraday and delivery? Is there any settlement time period for delivery as in (T+?).

Hi @fortu3

Answer 1: Yes, Dhan charges INR 20 for orders that are squared-off by the system. At this time, we understand it is the lowest in industry where most common is INR 50. We are evaluating increasing this to reduce volumes on auto-square off. However, for now it is INR 20. All pricing details are here: Pricing & Detailed Brokerage Charges | Dhan

Answer 2: Yes, it is now intraday. Indian Stock Markets have now moved to T+1 settlement, there is no T+2 now.

Answer 3: Yes, you and take positions to short in both intraday and delivery. Didn’t understand the second part, but I guess you will find answers here and more in RMS Policy of Dhan. Full details here: Risk Management Policy | Dhan

thank you for answering the questions.
for question 3- i want to know - is there time settlement period (T+1) in commodity futures also? (for example if I ‘sell’ a crudeoilm future today at 6 pm, and exit my position next day at 11 am.) is this possible? or T+1 is applicable?