Quicko and Dhan partner up to provide Tax Planning and Filing for investors and traders

Dhan has built a great platform for young investors with awesome UI/UX, attractive pricing and innovative features. Young investors are more hands on, they love innovative products, they are financially independent and want to take charge of their personal finances. However, taxes can be overwhelming to most seasoned investors, let alone beginners.

It’s difficult to calculate Capital Gains & Incomes from investing & trading in different asset classes. Customers can download P&L and other statements from their demat accounts. However, lack of standard formats for these statements, leads to incorrect treatment of gains/losses, misreporting, penalties & notices. Chartered Accounts also charge exorbitant costs to report such incomes in tax returns aggravating investor pain.

Other key features include calculating & paying advance tax using UPI & other payment methods, comparing tax liability under the New & Old Tax Regime and spotting tax saving opportunities. Investors can also prefill & e-file tax returns instantly using Quicko.

We are delighted to partner up with Dhan and open up the Quicko universe of cutting edge tax planning and filing products for everyone using Dhan.”

About Quicko.com: @quicko
Quicko, an Ahmedabad-based fintech startup, is one of the leading fintech disruptors for taxes in India with a 2 million user base and growing. Taxpayers can plan, prepare & file their taxes. With multiple integrations, intuitive and seamless user journeys enable taxpayers to put their taxes on autopilot.


When will we get Quicko integrated app update on Android?

Much awaited ! Thanks :+1:

What would be the pricing for DHAN users ?

Hi @pavz,

Thanks for your question. Customers can choose from the following three plans:

  • Basic Plan (Free): Includes most features including seamless onboarding, prefill from ITD, and tax filing.
  • Plus Plan: Paid features include broker, crypto, HRMS, bank & other integrations.
  • MEET Plan: Our online tax advisory connects customers with tax experts online. Customers like MEET for its transparency, pricing & ease.