Referring Friends to Dhan now is more Rewarding. And rewarding for life!

For those you have been on Dhan from our early journey know that we have evolved our referral program through time, small changes here and there. Just like our core investing & trading features are ever evolving and enhanced based on feedback from users, so is our referral program.

We have retained some of the best features of the program that users liked and are using, and now improved it with what users have asked from us.

  • Referral rewards are now for life, not just one-time. :raised_hands:
  • Earn 20% of brokerage generated by traders & investors referred by you. :moneybag:
  • Is accrued everyday, say something similar to you know - like daily dividends :innocent:.
  • You can withdraw referral rewards directly to your bank :bank:.

At Dhan, we strive to provide the best features and products to improve your investing & trading experience. We won’t settle for anything less than incredible. Our growth comes from our users, which means - we highly depend on word of mouth of our users to grow organically.

Our referral program is now designed in such a way that we can only win when you refer your friends. This additionally adds to our responsibility that we need to provide you with an awesome investing & trading experience in the first place. Only then we would be privileged to earn your trust, for you to refer us to your friends & family.

We are building for the long term, and now also extending our association with our users in the long-term by introducing a lifetime rewards program. Going forward, all Dhan users can earn 20% of the brokerage paid by their friends for life via referral! To keep it simple - we want our most passionate users to grow with us.

How To Refer Your Friends to Dhan?

  • Using referral, you can invite and remind friends from your contact list to start trading.
  • We also show the Possible Earnings that you could make via referral in a year to showcase the opportunity you have if you participate in our referral program.
  • Brokerage rewards earned are credited in the referral section on a daily basis (in the next 24 hours from settlement) when your friends trade.
  • These can simply be withdrawn to the bank provided you have Rs 100 accumulated via referral.
  • To view your earnings till date from referrals, tap on, ‘Referral Earned Till Date.’ This will give you a detailed view of your date wise earnings from each of your referrals.
  • Another way to invite friends to join Dhan is to simply share your unique referral link which is available in the referral section.
  • If you have joined Dhan via your friend’s referral link, you can sit back and relax. We will map your account to them without any further action from your end.

This is yet another one of our attempts to simplify and make our referral program more collaborative and we hope you join us on this journey. Watch this space for more referral related updates. Look forward to hearing any feedback from you.

Quick note: Starting 5th May, 2022, all existing referral users will automatically be migrated to the 20% brokerage sharing model.

PS: Do check out the UI updates in the referral section in our latest app (update, if you have not) and let us know what you think!

As always, enjoy your Dhan experience :slight_smile:

Thank you
Product @ Dhan


I referred one of my friend and its not reflecting in my referrals. Customer care is refusing to take this case and blindly saying my friend not joined using my referral.

Hi @Chiru,

Request if you can share your and your friend’s registered details on

As mentioned in the post above, if a user joins using a referral link or enter’s the referral code at the time of account opening, it gets mapped automatically. Once mapped, it shows in your referral section as well. We do not encourage any manual mapping requests.

@Pranita not allowing to withdraw to my bank for referral bonus. scam?!

Hi @Rajuvala ,

Request you to share your details on & so that we can understand your query better.

Product @ Dhan