Refinements/Features Needed

Price Alerts Are Not Functioning Properly -
Payoff’s are Missing in Custom Strategy Built
IVP/Historical IV’s are Missing
Portfolio level Greeks are needed
Price Alerts are needed for MTM alerts
Grouping Positions Is needed for Serious Positional players to better understand positions
Basket order is a Hit and Miss
Proper Basket order should be able to follow this Step wise execution - Order preference is already available, first order to exchange, trade confirmation, second order to exchange,trade confirmation. Third leg and so on.
Now basket order works like a Bulk order there seems to no millisecond gap or wait till order confirmation is recieved to execute second leg. It’s flawed
PNL is not so great- you guys are anyhow working on it.

Need some refinements. Strengthening existing features, adding new features.
I see no reason for Dhan to Diplace the market leader very soon.

Above all you Guys Seem to be extremely Ethical from reading and understanding your policies unlike many established Brokers.


I Have Thought Fyers would be the Next Displacer. But what You Guys achieved from a Product Front is Far ahead.

VC funding Does Wonders . Never knew till now :sweat_smile:

Hahaha @Gangavarapu, that was sweet. Honestly this has nothing to do with VC funding, they believe in us because we believe in building products that traders & investors really want.

Have noted your suggestions along with @Naman. We keep sharing what we are building on this community, for your reference here is the list of upcoming features: Upcoming Features on Dhan: for September & October


Kindly resolve price Alert issues and Basket order Execution process and payoff custom strategies as soon as Possible pls. Can we expect this in September October features! At this point I’m loving dhan!

@PravinJ @Naman request Confirmation Regarding Fixing of price alert issue and Basket order execution problems.
P.S i have moved my entire capital to Dhan, about to move stock holdings soon. :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Gangavarapu Can you forward a note on your feedback for basket orders to us on Want to exactly understand what we should be solving for in execution of basket orders, want to ensure cause if we promise we have to deliver :slight_smile:

And we do keep sharing things that we are building on from time to time.

Thanks Dhan team,

Got the Clarification. Will check and let you know if there is a disconnect :pray: