Regarding Forever Order

Hi, @Dhan.
Loving and really making the most of the Forever orders utility.
The only improvement that I can think of is to push the orders back in the forever list if somehow they were triggered but couldn’t get executed.

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Hi @Vishk519

We are in process of updating our experience on Forever Orders, its on our list of things to do for next 60 days. Full list is here: Upcoming Features on Dhan: June & July 2022

Ps: Try Draft orders, it is a complimentary to forever orders - but to create your drafts and then send to market, but yes manually.

@Dhan_Help @Dhan

It would be great if the following can be added

  • place forever orders from the order window itself
  • enable forever orders for F&O
  • enable forever orders in Dhan TV integration
  • a new order type with a normal entry order but once placed will activate an attached forever order. So we can literally have an entry order with an associated stop and target with out manually typing in both entry and exit orders.

forever order via chart

Hey, facing a peculiar problem for the past few days, Limit Forever orders fail to get triggered even tho LTP is below the trigger price.
Faced this issue in a number of different scripts, had to set the limit price to market to get the orders executed.
Please have this checked.

Hi @Vishk519,

We have checked this. Request you to please try this now.

Dhan Customer Support

Hi @Vishk519

Do confirm if you are still facing this, we have made some updates on our end.

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Hey @PravinJ, Thanks for reverting.
Will place a new Forever order and update you upon execution.

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Hi @t7support & @Vishk519,

We are happy to inform you that, Forever Orders (with OCO) on Sell Side for F&O is now LIVE!

Looking forward to your feedback on it.


Awesome. But on mobile I got this. On web am not finding it.

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Hi @t7support

Web we will be updating in the coming week.


Hi @PravinJ

Thanks for the update.