Regarding margin and hedging benefits


In the account settings there should be an option to disable margin, leverage, and hedge benefits.

This is to prevent by mistakenly opt for these services.


Everytime to keep this as an individual check for every user, will dramatically slow down order management systems. This won’t be possible. Additionally every process of placing orders is 2-3 taps or clicks away - very unlikely for any mistakes to happen there - unless done with an intention - which again is not a mistake then.

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Yes, I understand your point of view.

But, if possible please do one analysis that out of entire Dhan user base how many actually use margin and leverage facilities.

Let’s say, if only 30% users use these then it’s better to keep it off by default. Whoever actively use it can turn it on as per their choice.

This can be similar to “Haptic feedback” toggle switch that we have in our settings.

Just turning toggle on/off will activate/deactivate margin and leverage setting for that particular user.


Yes, I do get your point - but some features can’t be implemented like that, specially the ones that call our order management systems. Lets say even 30% users use this feature, for 100% users who come on this - we will have to call on our OMS every-time someone is on that page - the kind of payload will drastically bring down the performance and will make our application ‘visibly’ slower.

For every order placed on our systems, OMS systems are called on an average 10-12 times. In our peak times, we process > few hundred of orders / sec, and we are a very small player. For now designing the systems for scale and speed, we will try to figure out solutions to these later. Lots to build for now.