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Dear Community,

All of us at Dhan believe that you as a Dhan user should get the best trading and investing experience on our platforms. This is what we’ve kept in mind while building the Dhan App, Dhan Web, DhanHQ APIs, Dhan + TradingView, and Options Trader App. Now you can add one more product to the list!

We’re happy to announce Options Trader Web with Strategy Builder is now open for Exclusive Access. The much-awaited platform is designed specially for our Super Traders and will allow you to analyse all tradeable F&O, build custom strategies, and execute them instantly from one platform.

As a part of the Exclusive access, a select few Super Traders from Dhan will be able to log in, explore the platform, and place trades on Options Trader Web. This is one of our biggest releases to date - that’s why we want to ensure that we listen, collect feedback, and incorporate suggestions as we always do to build the best product experience.

P.S: Active community members will get special preference this time around!

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Exclusive Features of Options Trader Web

Those of you who’ve used Dhan Web would know that we’ve worked hard to bring the same experience across platforms. Similarly, the much-loved Options Trader App experience is still intact on Options Trader Web with more useful additions!

Custom Strategy Builder

This is a game changer! You can create your own strategies for trading options and execute them from the same platform. The feature is open for NIFTY 50, NIFTY BANK, and FIN NIFTY There’s more - you can view PayOff, P&L Tables, and Strategy Charts. Best part? We’ve decided to keep Custom Strategy Builder free for our users!

Market Outlook Based Ideas

You’re bullish, bearish, or neutral on NIFTY 50, NIFTY BANK, and FIN NIFTY? Explore available options based on your market outlook!


If you want to execute trades based on popular strategies, you can use Pre-Built Strategies on Options Trader Web. These strategies are widely used by traders and include the likes of Straddle, Strangle, and other popular strategies. This feature is also free for our users!

Advanced Option Chain

You’ll be able to trade calls and puts directly from the Option Chain. That’s not all, you can view Options Greeks, OI, OI Chg %, Volume, IV, LTP Chg, and LTP.

Built-in Order Execution with Positions & Orders Management

Options Trader Web enables you to build and execute your strategies from a single platform with awesome features that help you Manage Positions and Orders.

Trader’s Watchlist
You can also edit the columns on your watchlist

By the way, we recently re-introduced Bracket Order for options across our platforms. You can read about it here: Live Now: Bracket Orders for Options Trading on Dhan

There are many more features that are already there and will be launched in phases. We’re sure you’re going to love it!

  • Custom Strategy Builder - on Web
  • Fully Integrated Options Trading Experience
  • Fast Create 14 Popular Strategies
  • Real-Time Pay-Off Charts
  • Instant / Fast Execution
  • Direct Save to Basket Orders
  • Trader’s Watchlist (New)
  • Manage Open Positions - Single or Group
  • Market Outlook based Strategies
  • Strategy Greeks and P&L Table
  • Built-in Option Chains, PCR, Open Interest, Snapshots, & more

Just like we build all our products based on feedback, we will continue to do so for Options Trader Web as well. Feel free to tell us what your first impressions of the platform are in the comments below!

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Hi @Naman,
Quite happy to see this but there seems to be some difference in what is shown here in image and what @PravinJ shared on his twitter. The overlay on OI seems to be missing in the images you shared above but OI overlay on strategy can be seen in Pravin’s tweet, am referring to this…

Nice to have this thank you

Feels so good. So many big brokers 10 plus yrs in brokerage industry. Nobody has done this kind of product . Great going Team Dhan :rocket:


Have Applied, Yet to receive any Mail. Rollout started?

Hi @Gangavarapu, we have started rolling out the access. Do keep a check on your inbox! :innocent:

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where is the link…of webinar…?

Welcome to Dhan @Vasudev. Yes, rollout is happening for access, keep a watch in your inbox.

Eagerly waiting for this hope to get it before this week’s expiry day

Still Waiting…

Unfortunately looks like I didn’t make the cut. Lost my supertrader status since was automating my Algos :sweat_smile:
Can you do something Pls.

Didn’t got any email yet…!!

Many traders have registered and they are rolling out the access… please be patient… even I haven’t received it.

I already sent exclusive access request but didn’t get, how to get access easily

:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: @Ajmalkhadar :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

Eagerly waiting to get the access. This is one of the best feature I am waiting from so long. This would be like my Christmas Gift. Hopefully Santa hear it soon. Checking mails daily like a child :smile:

We will share with the next batch in few weeks, for now collating feedback and getting ready for public launch.

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Hi team,

Recieved a message stating access has been granted but unable to view it on dhan.web
Could you pls assist ?

If you have access, then login to same from here:

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Thanks @PravinJ able to access