Reporting some working bugs on Dhan main app πŸ›

Hello @PravinJ @Dhan_Help @Dhan @Naman

Here are some things that I observed while using the Dhan app, which might be issues or suggestions that improve the overall experience on Dhan.

  1. You see when navigating to holding scroll to the bottom. filters have appeared. after some time left side filters are auto-hided, but on the right side overall/today sticker is still shown. which hides the information.

  2. You can see in the video when I navigate to the dividend section and click on the last tab which is by year and choose the second option 2021-2022, no result founds. working fine. but when click on the 1st tab and came back to the last tab again it shows the infinite loading instead of showing lasted current year dividends.

  3. issue on lasted listed IPO section, you can see in the video I am clicking on the latest listed script and it opens the script detail page, and click on the buy button to the next buying screen. on buying screen when increasing the quantity it greyed down the buy button and doesn’t allow it.
    Now simply click on the search bar and choose the latest script which is the latest IPO script, now it allows you to buy normally and the bug doesn’t appear.

Noted this @onkar, this is regarding the navigation on the sections you have mentioned. We will have this reviewed, request you to delete the video - lots of personal information visible there.

Thanks for getting back, post is updated now.