Request: Order preference pre defined values

Hi Team,

Can we have Order Preference like this implemented on both Dhan Trading + Trading View Order windows?

Ref: From FinVasia

Vinay S


Yes that would be nice.

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Hey Vinay,

Exchange: we let user choose when they add in watchlist itself.
Product: we are making it visually simpler in 2023 edition
Order type: It is auto-saved
Duration: Is always Day, unless selected as IOC
Qty / Lot: Is pre-filled at 1, easy to change

The problem with having this selected for all - is assuming that user will use it for all orders. Can check in logs, but can definitely say that every order is different and most common field we make editing or selection simpler & faster in our core transaction flow. It will be super irritating to change these defaults everytime - because it’s annoying when one has to place orders.

When order window is generated, you need least validations - it makes the experience faster. We feel every bit counts, adding this may give a ‘feeling of control’ while we want to optimise for experience.


But frankly, Qty default is most needed, as most of the time, we make use of trading with (from the chart) + settings with “Instant Order Placement”, this always going with 1 qty/1 lot every time. So practically if at least Qty default preference is added that will be nice.

And as you said, any user enabled this setting, which will be added to all order windows by default, and they can still override on order window while placing if they wish to. :slight_smile:

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Hi Team,

I have built a chrome extension for Managing Order Preferences: like Capital per trade, No. of quantity for Nifty/Banknifty options trade, Stop Loss, and Target for trading terminal. Right now it is specifically configured to work only on Dhan’s Trading View, that too for EQ & NF/BNF Options only.

Along with that, we added the 1Cliq feature. As Usually BO orders will be split into multiple legs if we are placing huge quantities, so modifying the SL/TGT is a nightmare. So we added 1Cliq modify SL or TGT & 1Cliq Exit from TradingView by default for BO order types.

Short demos on the DhanHQ TV extension are available here. - Google Drive

PS: Need some help from some of you to do e2e testing on this extension, before we roll it up to everyone. Reach me by email:

Thanks to DhanHQ for providing free access to Dhan API for everyone :slight_smile:

Vinay S


Hey @vinay_sd17 ,

Nice one! :clap:

Do keep us updated about the progress.


This is cool @vinay_sd17, happy to showcase this for more users to see.


Hello @vinay_sd17

It’s great to see people like you building extensions and apps on top of Dhan APIs. Our team at Dhan would absolutely love to see what you have built and we will be more than happy to extend any support required.

It’ll be great if you can connect with us on We would definitely like to know more about this.


Sure @Hardik :+1:

Dropping you over email. Looking forward :slight_smile:

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Hi @Redd,

Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. We have made a note of it and will check how this can be implemented.

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