Request to Dhan Team

Respected @PravinJ & @admins,

I have a humble request for you to please add the the 30/60 day challenge in which for being profitable for 30/60 days the client get rewarded with brokerage cashback up-to a limit. I am currently trading in Fyers and this challenge has definitely pushed me to end up my day in green and even if for days when I am in red, this challenge stops me from over-trading and making more losses, like if I over trade and make more losses then I will definitely lose the challenge. I feel 30 days is too short, so I request you instead of 30 days, you guys start with 60 days challenge like Zerodha and give brokerage cashback up-to a limit like Fyers.

I can understand that this challenge will impact the company’s revenue in short term but I am sure as more traders start winning the challenge and develop confidence and discipline, eventually they will generate more brokerage and increase the company’s revenue by multi-fold in long term.

Thanks & Regards.

Hi @Akhil153045, this is one of the most requested features and on our list to build.

We will see how we can accommodate this request, here is a full list that we are working on: 2023: What next to expect from Dhan

On brokerage cashback - this we won’t be able to provide. As a philosophy we never compete on pricing, and I think regulations don’t allow brokers to provide cash / cash equivalent rewards for trading.


Then @PravinJ sir how is Fyers doing this? I have received brokerage cashback from them.

Hi @Akhil153045. See one Owner of a company/broker doesn’t speak or express views on another brokers or competitors. The business etiquettes doesn’t allow them to speak on other platforms. Clients like You and I are allowed to speak on any other platforms any time any where.

Just request you to ask a counter question to Fyers,- Why Dhan is able to provide premium indicators and Fyers is not?

There are no free lunches. A Good trader needs just a good platform to trade not a reward or cashback. There is one say by Warren Buffett - Price Is What You Pay & Value Is What You Get. Dhan provides more value than compare to Fyers & Zerodha.


premium indicators? can you please name them? I don’t know this

Let me put this in a perspective - regulations are out there and they are subject to interpretation many times. Few things our compliance teams are comfortable with and few they are not., and this will vary from broker to broker.

hmm… okay sir no problem

Premium indicators are those which are not available in TradingView base Subscription Plan. Dhan has a dedicated App (And Now Web Version) for Option Trading. Does Fyers have this.

See every broker/product has its advantages and disadvantages. The only best way to understand is to know our needs and expectations. In case of Trading, you just need to create your own strategy and execute. If it works then doesn’t matter. Loss is a part of business and Trading is also business. You just need to decide what exactly you expect from Stock Trading. Create a plan and work on it till it gives 60-70% success rate. Don’t focus on Loss, coz without making loss no one has become a Super Trader. And yes, do use stop-loss in trading.

Sir, request you to activate trading view login. What’s the procedure to get access to trading view login

Please name thess indicators, I want to use it.

I don’t understand why there is a need for 2 different apps/website. I am using the tradingview style site and that website works best for me. So I don’t care about 2-3-5 different sites.

That’s exactly what I am saying. Trying to reduce Dhan disadvantages and make Dhan even better. Don’t want to give brokerage cashback fine… cool calm down man…

Of course I have a plan, and I have become profitable, it just that my capital is low and the brokerage cashback boosts up my capital by a small margin. It has been very useful for me. So that’s why I asked here for Dhan. If they think its bad I totally respect their decision.

Please name this indicators…

sir take ₹50 per order but please provide auto kill switch.

It helps to manage load balance. Load Balance is the term is used in Web Hosting. Ask more to your friend who is in this field coz even I do not have much knowledge of it, but I think this could be the purpose behind it.

I am not angry man, to be a cool down. Just don’t compare apple with oranges. Because both comes under fruits category but have different taste and benefits.

Try CPR Indicator for Intraday and Positional Trading. Fyers has CPR indicator but it is only on Daily Timeframe, but in Dhan it comes with Daily & Weekly Timeframe. I have requested @Dhan & @PravinJ and his team to launch CPR (Monthly Timeframe ) & CPR for Tomorrow also.

Don’t worry in future it might come on Dhan platform.

yes I am using this… but whats the use of CPR on weekly tf? also any other premium indicators?

For positional trading you can use CPR weekly. Do you trade in Options or Cash?

I trade options only

For intraday trading -
Set Chart Timeframe - 15min, 30min, 1 hour etc. Use CPR Daily Indicator

For Positional or short term
Set Chart Timeframe - Daily & Use CPR Weekly Indicator.

I don’t think indicators could help you increase success ratio in Option Trading but You must watch Option Chain Data, Open Interest, Theta, Gamma etc as well apart from technical charts.

Dhan has now tie-up with GoCharting. Use their Option Desk platform and watch tutorials on youtube. It will help you gain more success. You can even register for Dhan’s Option Trading Web platform.

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Thanks for sharing

I am already using this and I am very scared about overnight risk so no positional for me.

Definitely my one screen is only option chain

GoCharting is super awesome, but don’t know why the website is laggy only for me.

Already done and waiting for it eagerly