Request to provide the Trailing Stop loss feature for API's

Could you please consider providing trailing stop loss through API’s and also prioritize if possible? As of now, we need to build this logic manually and need to keep track of the price continuously and change the stop loss using a polling mechanism.

This will unnecessarily add overhead to the Dhan Order API and may exhaust the limits of the API.


I too have the same concern and have an open thred for the same.
@Naman its a problem that ma y of us are going through.

Either the rate limits should be increased or there must be an api for TSL

Hi @sugam192 @srinivasr

I am sure you are talking about polling of LTP. If you are using websocket streaming for LTP from 3rd party that may solve. If you are using Dhan’s history data API for polling LTP, then here you just need to poll once in a minute. This will have 60 requests in an hour that is under Dhan Rate Limit.

Hope this solves.

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Hi @Naman

It will work if I need to query one particular stock. If I have multiple positions, this won’t work as I will exhaust the History API calls.

Is there a possibility to expose the trailing stop loss API call or provide the streaming API for the live stock ticks?

@PravinJ @Hardik - Any update on this?

Hello @srinivasr

This should be solved when we introduce Live Market Feed. Then you can easily adjust or trail your SL on the basis of market price. Currently, we are not planning to introduce TSL on API. However, we have noted this and will take a look into the feasibility of the same.

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