Requiring Extra margins than other platforms

Thank you to all the users who faced the margin issue and raised query here, initially they thought i was wrong and their system and rules were correct, now I thought they would realize the main issue of their system.

I posted this question when I created my Dhan account the first week of Feb, they said the same thing, again I posted this query the first week of march they said the same thing.

Now its April 1st week, still

As of now, there is no updates regarding this issue. People posting the same query again and again in these days, but still no updates.

its been 2 months not a single day or week ro month. let’s decide yourself what to do.

Most broker allows users to trade with the premium collected when you write an option, in your case it’s (28800) for the option contract sold… and you have paid some premium in buying options (~5482)

Total premium collected by you =28800-5482= 23318

So you minus that with 173698 shown in Dhan … You get approximately the same amount

Zerodha does deposit the premium collected and hence you can use for other trades and so many other brokers, but some brokers lock this amount and you can not use for other trades, this may be the case with Dhan

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Dear JP. Same thing is happening to me. I asked the Costumer care about this but they replied you need the margin required to exicute the order. I think either they don’t understand our question or they have never traded in top discount brokers like zerodha, Angle or fryers. For a same hedging trade i need 3.5 lakhs in zerodha where as in dhan it shows fund required ia 8.82lakhs. They are charging the same brokarage as zerodha then why i will put 8.82 lakhs in dhan account to take the same trade that i can take in zerodha in 3.5 lakhs. I have just opened the account but i won’t trade till they don’t resolve the issue.

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That’s better, and I hope you never trade in this life :smiley:

You can check here the timeline of this query.

I think they have made this basket order option for buyers only those who trade more than 50 lots as they can’t do in a single order due to SEBI limitations. Nothing for sellers here. I have opened a lot of accounts in other brokers and i want change my broker(zerodha) but believe me i am trying for last one year but i am not able to change because no other brokers give the facility that zeeodha give​:grin::blush::blush:. Hope in future some broker will give such facility with less brokarage.

Hi @Jp007 @deepak9012 @Vignesh_N @amit @nity

We have updated the basket experience. Please go through this link and share your feedback…

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Nothing changed just ckeck the fund requirement in dhan and zerodha. Shan required double fund compired to zerodha for same trade


Are you still facing this issue? I just opened my account today and exploring the options. I knew about this issue and I thought it was resolved.
Also, I have created a copy of basket here on dhan which was executed on upstox today (before the market close). There is no difference in required margin on Dhan. It is asking almost similar margin.
I wonder if particular users are facing this issue or maybe particular strategies are showing wrong margin requirement?

You can check again. Its showing more fund and margin required.

Actually they updated this issue in their options trader app not in the main mobile application.

Only few registered traders can access the Options trader app.

Hey @deepak9012 this is getting rolled out in the new Dhan app version (we plan to release it over next 2-3 days). Already live in the Options Trading app.

Hi @jay,

Margin required are absolutely the same. We are updating the communication and making it meaningful to avoid any confusion. all details as mentioned in this post (Update: Basket Order Enhancements)

This is already rolled out in the Options Trader app as mentioned by @Jp007 already. New Dhan app & web is being shipped over next 2-3 days for all, you will see it in same as well.

Thank you.


Thanks @PravinJ

I am looking forward to the rollout as I am planning to shift my options trading from upstox. I am more comfortable with web based trading, hence I am hoping for the changes in the coming week. Good luck :+1:

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Hello there @PravinJ This is still not solved. I can see this issue in my account, not able to trade 3 lots of BANKNIFTY STRADDLE even having more than 5L margin.
Overall margin to execute order should never be 8.4+ L.

@Jp007 hello JP- is this solved for you? I am asking since you know the exact problem and as I can see you have mentioned very clearly and in detailed way.

Hi @Arvind07

We have upgraded our baskets experience (Update: Basket Order Enhancements) and post we rarely seen any issues with margin related queries. Basket Orders are heavily used now than ever across all platforms.

If you can share your orders construct on, can cross check this.

PS: If you are checking this right now on our platforms, note that today’s prices are from exchange mock.

Hi @PravinJ - I am talking about the same problem discussed here and its been not solved yet.
My case is of selling STRADDLE. This is definitely not supposed to be more than 8L

I am also sending email too, please check and resolve as soon as possible.

thank you.

@Arvind07 Sure. Will have this checked.

I checked the screenshots you emailed to our team.

On Dhan, for the two legs - the final margin is shown as 4,82,041.50. In the screenshot you mentioned from other broker possibly, it shows total amount required is 538,113.00

On Dhan, please refer to final margin, not the overall margin (you have circled this).

Hi @PravinJ - appreciate your response, however as I got to know from customer executive that I need to have at least 8.4L to successfully execute the order ( as circled) not the Final margin. This is the main problem, it should actually be the same amount (4.82 L). In fact, on Friday even having more than 5.2L in my account I was not able to sell 2 Lots of Straddle , so I guess 3 lots are another story.

In this it should not ask for Overall margin to execute the trade rather it should look for Final margin to check balance and execute the orders.

Thank you for the understanding

Feedback noted @Arvind07. We will communicate this better, thank you for sharing this experience.