Result Date and Dividend Dates are not showing on Charts as it shows in Tradingview

Hello Team,

As we see the Result date and event dates show on the chart in tradingview we don’t see that on dhan charts. Implementing that feature will be really helpful for us.

Hi @pritamdas, this feature of TradingView is not extended in the library that has been provided to us by TradingView. We will explore the possibilities of this in future.

For now, we are bringing detailed Corporate Actions for you (upcoming and today) in Dhan app, it will give you broader perspective of all them for the markets, and also for stocks in your portfolio and watchlist.

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Hi Pravin,

It’s great that Dhan is lietening the users querry that seriously. The news and result announcements are really great but having most of them on the charts makes more useful. Hopefully team will find a way to incorporate that feature to the live chart.