Screen freeze/hangs while using dhan web

Screen freeze while using dhan website

During the live market hours i face a difficulty in using dhan which is screen freezes/hangs multiple times.

Eventually either i have to open task manager to shut the browser or else i have to wait long enough to see an option ~ wait or exit page.

This is for BRAVE browser alone(haven’t tried chrome)

Meanwhile there are no issues when the markets are closed.

Opening tradingview doesn’t give the same problem.

Hi @Tapovan, Welcome to Dhan community. We haven’t optimised Dhan web interface for Brave browser yet - we will have to pick this up.

Thanks. I switched from zerodha to dhan for things like time intervals, market scan etc and i truly believe it has the potential to become India’s best broking platform.:+1:t2:

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brave is becoming the most widely used browser due to its built in features like ad and tracker blockers, you should make it a priority to optimize it for brave