Scrolling charts of watchlist

Is there a way o can scroll through charts of watchlist stocks on mobile app. Currently, I I have to select stock then go to chart then come back again to watchlist and select another stock to see the chart.

Hi @NitinVerma,

Thanks for your suggestion, we will surely explore the possibilities.

Is there such an option for Dhan users on web? I have to hover over the ticker and click on charts option for each watchlist entry. If there is an option to scroll one after the another, that would be great. Thanks.

Hi @ekveer

At this moment, we have the option to change the scrip added to the watchlist directly by pressing up & down navigation on the keyboard in

We have noted your feedback for Dhan web

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I guess we don’t have a watchlist auto created for holding shares there.

Can we have a feature of automatically adding holding shares in a watchlist on We have it in mobile app.