Search could do better

Hi @PravinJ, @Naman,

I have 2 feature requests to make related to search.

  1. While trading or investing searching becomes integral part of the experience and the way search currently works is that it does not search for text which can be anywhere in between. For example: I was searching for Momentum index based ETFs and typed “mom” and here is what I got

Here, some doesn’t even contain “mom” as text and more importantly not all momentum etfs were shown.

Here is the result when I type “mom” in zerodha and all momentum etfs show up:

The difference should be clear. I hope you can make the search feature better.

  1. With Dhan becoming more and more feature-packed (ofcourse for the better), it is becoming increasingly important to have a quickjump searchbar to find the feature user intent to go directly especially when certain items are now 3 levels or 4 levels down. for ex: I knew I had seen global indices somewhere on the site and app but had to spend a good amount of time to find it on the portal, I imagined it will be somewhere in “Markets” and tried all the tabs but couldn’t find. My mistake, I didn’t realise there was 3rd level to it and in “Stocks” I had to click on “Indices”

With more and more features coming in and to not let users spend time on finding them, can you pls implement a quickjump feature on the UI

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Hi @admins - can you pls look at this requirement as well