Segment-wise trade and Profit & loss report

Kindly tell how in Dhan account one could generate segment-wise (that is separating the transactions of cash, futures, options, commodities) monthly trading and profit & loss report?.


Hi @AG001,

At this moment, you can view your p&l segment wise in our profit & loss report which you can directly download from App/Web.

However, the charges are displayed combined for all the segments.

Currently in the pnl statement commodity and currency segments are marked separately. Only cash and equity fno are clubbed together.

current available is not a p&L statement rather its just a basic datewise traded ledger. P&L report is differnret and is required in its basic format. better not to confuse trading ledger with P&L statement. P&L report is just something lists with all trade details made on segmentwise, scriptwise qty, buy price, sell price , charges and difference(buy Vs Sell) within a custom date range.

Hi @ramalakshmi please share your UCC over DM, ill send you the PNL from Back Office.

Kindly provide the charges separately for cash & fno segment in pnl reports as both are taxed differently. How can we separate the charges for the cash & fno segments??

@Hiya The reports sent to you over email has factored in all the charges. Please fetch the PNL again from the Front end, the new PNL is live which have summarized charges.

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Hv downloaded the new pnl statements. Glad that @Dhan has done the necessary changes

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Only turnover needs to be updated as per ICAI guidelines.

Also I didn’t do any currency trades last FY. But turnover is shown against the segment.

I’ll get this checked.

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I need detailed Tax report to file ITR. Even Quicko not able to fetch data from Dhan. Please make necesary changes so that Quicko can fetch data from Dhan. Or in the meantime; please provide tradewise data including sell date, buy date, sale price, buy price, transfer charges etc. so that i can manually filled the data

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