Sensibull Integration

Sir @PravinJ
Any plans on Sensibull integration pls

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Hey, we had connected with them some time back, their teams had other priorities at that time and the conversation never went ahead :frowning:

We work with everyone in the ecosystem and our APIs are available for anyone to integrate. We will more than happy to Sensibull to list of our partners :slight_smile:

Just in case if the use-case is strategy builder - I am sure you will enjoy our strategy builder, its coming soon.


That’s Sad to Hear, wish they are Forthcoming, adds immense value to option Writers!

We wont need Sensibull, as Dhan either already has all the features that Sensibull is offering or planned in the near future roadmap…

Custom strategy builder
Groups for strategy
P&L based alerts
IVP & HV Charts
Virtual Trades
Weekly OI analysis

Waiting for Dhan strategy builder. Hope it will work with Dhan mobile app also​:v::+1:

yes, we will first build on web and then to mobile. step by step.


Sirji We are November
Builder Pls :pray:

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I Spoke to Them
As per internal spy sources Apparently they Have an Active user count cutoff for them to be Integrated with Any Broker :hugs:

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For your Reference

Even the Order of log-in preference remains same
Even Fyers tried to Get through. Same response

Aliceblue is the only outlier. Maybe some strings were pulled.

Hahaha, you are awesome. Thanks for activating your network for this :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohh, Yeah !! If we’re getting Dhan’s own Strategy Builder, I guess we don’t need to pay for sensibull separately & no hassle of integration too :100:
Initially i wanted to subscribe to sensibull but after hearing that Dhan is bringing their own builder,
i am now ALL in with @Dhan :+1::green_circle:
Let’s Rock !!!
Good Job Team Dhan
Rocking Since Day 1 :100: @PravinJ @Naman

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Oh, you want it free. Noted :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please bring strategy builder sooooon.

Make best in class.

Also bring premium features best in industry (Paid)

Make Dhan one stop solution traders and investors

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I’m okay to pay for it but if its Free, You guys are gonna have the better competitive Edge in the Market & all the option sellers who primarily use sensibull are gonna Jump ship to DHAN permanently :crossed_fingers:

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I Don’t Think so,

Strategy builder standalone won’t draw crowds.
It needs a suite of products with synergies to Really attract the Crowd!

No no, just kidding. We have no plans to keep this paid, for super users of Dhan - its free always. Most likely we will price it like Dhan APIs - regular users of Dhan do not have to worry about paying anything extra.

We just don’t want things to be misused because it’s free, there is cost of data, servers, bandwidth and lot more resources from our end.


We are trying to ensure Indian traders get the best product experience with Dhan. It’s work in progress.


If Dhan Strategy builder bring features like quantsapp, Sensibull, icharts, option decoder etc . Then there will be no need to purchase subscription from any third-party applications.

Also if Dhan makes Paid then also it is and it will be suitable for traders and investors.

One Stop Solutions

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your platform is good we don’t need sensibull but we need one features for sure and it’s a “Verified P&L” similar to SensiBull, and if you do that it’s a game changer for sure