Serious Issues in Squaring Off orders


Yesterday i was squaring off all the legs of the multi leg strategy.

Only the sell legs squared off and buy legs didn’t squared off.

I have to again check and place square off orders for Buy orders.

This is a serious issue. i was having many positions and it took lot of time to check and again place order for remaining legs.

It could have incurred me losses if i have not managed it timely.

I request Dhan team to pls concentrate on such critical issue .I think I have seen one more person complainting about the same.

Fancy things are secondary, primary things are to be taken up on top most priority.

I have raised 3-4 issues earlier also but all are still pending

Basket order qty change issue​:point_down::point_down:

Wrong margin calculation. :point_down::point_down::point_down:


Hi @bsjhala

We have addressed this scenario here.

@Naman @Dhan
Today I faced the same issue. I have faced it in previous day’s also but managed manually. But today when I got a Loss due to this, Then I Searched here .
I had 2 position. 1st is sell and 2nd is buy. I selected both and press Exit. My Sell position was squared off But Buy position was Failed. And while I Realized that this happens, And manually exit the order again, I lost all of my profit.

If this happens to me once again, I will have to withdraw my dhan from Dhan. I will definitely record it and send in email.

  • Zerodha order execution less than 1 sec, Dhan Order Execution more than 1 sec.