Settlement of 434 Stocks Moved to T+1 w.e.f 25-11-2022

Dear All,

You may be already aware that the Indian markets are moving to a T+1 settlement cycle, albeit in a phased manner since the early months of 2022. The implementation started with the bottom 100 stocks and the plan was to gradually extend the new settlement cycle to all stocks across 12 phases.

Now we’re at a stage where 434 more stocks have moved into the T+1 settlement cycle w.e.f 25th November 2022. The entire list of stocks is here.

While this may not have any bearing on long-term investors or intraday traders, BTST traders stand to be affected.

If you’re a BTST trader who has taken up positions on any of the 434 stocks yesterday, please avoid selling the shares today if you’ve bought them yesterday because the shares will be auctioned.


Kuldeep Mathur (Head of Risk)