Showing wrong P&L in traders dairy on 3rd March

I have realised profit of Rs 430 and unrealised loss of 16600 as per my order book and also as per my virtual trade added on sensible on 3rd March . But it’s showing loss of Rs 6780. I have checked many times and added the sequence of orders many times . I clearly know the profit I booked and the loss I booked.
Is it bug related issues?

Hi @ALEKHYA there would be some understanding gap. Do share your UCC, I’ll check it. Meanwhile you can refer to this post here which explains the science behind the Traders Diary

Hi @iamshrimohan

I’m also facing the same issue for 3rd March.


Yes , same issue on March 3rd . Saw a different pnl post session but Saturday it was totally different, @iamshrimohan i had mentioned the same as 0 trades if u remember , now the trades are seen. But i guess there is some mismatch.

Can u rerun p and L for all accounts of March 3 rd pls just to confirm :pray:

@iamshrimohan ,

What’s the point of having a system but still client has to remember/verify the daily P&L?

Shouldn’t the system be more reliable?

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@pushpa If you have any options which you let them expire is not captured in the Trader’s Diary as they are not trades as such, but a settlement. You can find this in contract note but not in Trader’s Diary. So that might be the case in your trades. Ill get it checked however

@pavz Yes ill check some random samples and get this done.

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@iamshrimohan i have talked to customer care team …even they agreed that they are updating p&l of 3rd march As there is mis match for many clients .Please don’t teach us how traders dairy work. Even though i had closed the profit trades on 3rd march ,in traders dairy it’s showing loss. I think many clients having this problem but they didn’t verify i guess.

Same issue instead of profit it showed loss of 9k on Saturday and 6k loss on sunday. Very strange

@iamshrimohan @PravinJ ,

In general, how does Zerodha show P&L? Not sure if they ask customer to make a note if option had expired at 0.

Shouldn’t it be that way?

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Can you please check P&L fluctuation …I’m confused.

Hi @iamshrimohan @PravinJ ,

If you can answer which number should be considered valid at what time of the weekday and weekend?

When to use App and when to use Web?


Dhan Web

Dhan App

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@iamshrimohan @pushpa @ALEKHYA

Thanks @iamshrimohan looks fine , i could see the actual figure i saw on Saturday.


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