Side scroll bar. Analyzing baskets. Dark mode in option trader web

  1. Literally, no side scroll bar is making it very irritating. Guys this is very much needed.
  2. There is no option to analyze baskets after their creation. I know it is there before adding it to baskets. But it is also needed after the basket is created.
  3. No dark mode option on the option trader website.

Please enlighten!

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true… needing points :+1:

Hi @Bhaskarsingh

Welcome to the Dhan community.

  1. You can scroll on the web portal even without the scroll bar option. Let us know if you are facing any challenges in navigating a particular page so we can review this.

2&3. We have noted your feedback


The issue remains the same for the first point. Sidebar! Its literally not there to scroll up and down!